Billboards & Hoardings

Even though Billboard or hoarding advertising is a traditional out of home advertising media but still many smart marketers enthusiastically taking the chance to gain maximum benefits from the result oriented billboards advertising. Nowadays, billboard advertising is successfully delivering significant 24/7 and 365 days exposure to consumers in the targeted area particularly at the most petrol pumps. Therefore,huge number of customers are easily targeted with the custom-tailored billboards and hoarding solutions..

At My Media Kart, we have extensive network partnerships with many regional or local pan India fuel stations, suppliers, and landowners for one-on-one communication with consumers without any ad filtering, channel surfing, or skipping. We make use of our best talent and latest technology to create outstanding billboard or hoarding media advertising solutions thereby offering our clients a competitive edge in the marketplace.

So, get ready to showcase your product, brand, or service to grab unmatched opportunities!