Bus Media & Advertising

In India, buses are the convenient and affordable travelling medium for plenty of people to commuting regularly and consistently all over the town, district or a state. Of course, bus media advertising is still an ideal and easy transport medium to reach a large group of audiences. Hence, marketers find a big advantage in Bus media promotion over radio or TV advertising because people cannot change or switch their channel and they are bound to see a bus advertisement repeatedly displaying on a moving billboard or LED screen, interior cards or a full bus wrap. This will help marketers to give a high impact of their brand message on people’s mind and also providing a needful brand momentum in the targeted locations.

If you are also willing to spread your brand message all over the town to get an extensive exposure of mass audience, then look no further and visit us at My Media Kart (MMK), India’s most proficient one stop destination offering all media advertising solutions.

MMK has years of expertise in providing powerful,tailored and cost-effective media advertising solutions that always fit into your budget. Through efficient and powerful bus media & advertising, we allow your brand message to reach deep into the urban and rural audiences commuting via cars, bikes or as well in addition to pedestrians.

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