Print Media & Advertising

Print media is a form of advertising that incorporates physically printed media like newspapers and magazines. Print and media advertising solutions catered by My Media Kart help to reach the prospects, business clients and consumers efficiently. In addition to this traditional form of advertising, most advertisers today are inclined towards digital media like mobile advertising, social media advertising and banner advertisements.

There are various forms of print media such as:
Billboards & Posters – They give advertisers the opportunity to reach the potential customers on the move. These can be put in retail malls, train stations, busy town centres, airports and various other places.
Magazines – They give advertisers a comprehensive choice of frequency and readership with an array of interests like current affairs, fashion, hobbies, sports, local topics, health, education and business.
Newspapers – The advertisers are available with an extensive range of choices including national, regional or local titles that are published in Sunday, weekly, evening or daily editions with different readerships.

Various other forms of print media advertisements include door drop pamphlets, catalogues, and direct mail. We, at My Media Kart, offer the best possible and the most promising print media solutions at competitive prices. Explore now!