Terms and Conditions



My Media Kart is not responsible for any kind of incorrect/ misleading content or advertisement. It’s the user’s responsibility to research and verify everything before accepting any information. We are not liable if any action is taken against the user based on the information given on the website. Buying and selling through the website is available only for the users who fulfill all the valid requirements and enter into a legal contract as specified under the law.


The advertiser states that the information given by him/her for the advertisement section is true and adhere the industry standards and laws of India. The Advertiser is responsible for the content of the advertisement and indemnifies the Newspaper/ portal / website of any action legal/civil that may follow because of the publication of the advertisement. Under no circumstances, My Media Kart will be liable for any loss/error/omission on the part of the publication. Cancellations or any edits in the advertisement will only be made if it is given in written to My Media Kart with at least 7 days prior notice.


The client assumes all responsibility for the content and materials provided to My Media Kart to be communicated,transmitted, exhibited and published as part of the Services. The client undertakes and warrants that nothing contained in the advertisement enrages the public sentiment; constitutes a monopolistic/restrictive and/or unfair trade practice; violates any other legislation for the time being in force or is made to give negative publicity of any other product.


The advertiser indemnifies My Media Kart if any legal action is taken by the third party in context to the advertisement published by the agency.


My Media Kart reserves the right to change/modify the term & conditions at any time without giving any prior notice to the user. Advertiser agrees that the content will be displayed by My Media Kart within a time period of 48 hours. In case if the user chooses more than one publications, then My Media Kart reserves the right to re-schedule the date of the advertisement as per the dates available.


The value ads are subject to availability. Utmost care would be there to run all the committed value ads within the campaign. In the case of the non-availability or occupied inventory, the same would run after the campaign and would be consumed within 30 days of the campaign gets over. The client should plan their ads for the entire campaign well in advance and distribute them accordingly. Still in case, the ad needs to be changed it has to be replaced in the client’s profile well 7 working days prior to changing the ad.


My Media Kart is not involved directly in any transaction including SMS or any other service carried out between the parties using our site. We are also not liable for the comment sector and will not edit/remove the posting of public once they are entered into the service.


My Media Kart does not allow the transmission or posting of any unwanted information, which includes profane, limitation or sexually explicit advertisements or any other images that are not in compliance with the laws of India. The client undertakes and warrants that nothing contained in the advertisement enrages the public sentiment; constitutes a Monopolistic/Restrictive and/or unfair trade practice; violates any other legislation for the time being in force or is made to give negative publicity of any other product.


If My Media Kart, in its sole discretion, determines that terms & conditions of the website have been violated then My Media Kart may take a legal action against the person who has violated the terms & condition. We will cooperate with the legal body/Court/State or Central body to precede the investigation further.  My Media Kart shall choose not to air specific ad content, at its own discretion, if content is deemed by Red Stone Consultants to be non-compliant with I & B guidelines.


User agrees that the user is liable for paying all the applicable taxes and related costs that are incurred in publishing the advertisement with My Media Kart.


User agrees that the user is solely responsible for the use of the service. The service given by My Media Kart is available on ‘an is’ and ‘as available’ basis. My Media Kart disclaims all warranties of any kind.


My Media Kart doesn’t give any warranty that the service will meet user’s requirements that the service will be uninterrupted, secure or error free; nor does My Media Kart takes any responsibility for the results that are obtained by the use of our service.


My Media Kart will accept or give notice to the user via email or regular mail. We may also intimate the users about the changes made in our terms and conditions by giving notice on the service.


User agrees that irrespective of any law or statute, any claim or cause of action related to the use of the service must be filed within a time period of 15 days. After this time period, the action or claim will be forever barred.


My Media Kart is accepting all the ads on the basis of publications featured on the website. We are not liable for any delay if it is done by the publications towards the users.


All payments can be made by Credit Card via our secure payment gateway system PayU. Bank charges if any for remittance, will be borne by payer. The campaign run is strictly on advance payment terms basis. Once the amount is reflected in My Media Kart, then only the campaign would run. Hence, a due care to be taken from client’s end to do the needful done in the stipulated time frame. In the case of the delayed payments, the plan dates can be changed.

The order given would be accepted in the formats of the payment done by the client. If the payment done is in 3 installments then the order given would be treated as 3 different orders. In case the payment for the next installment is not released, the second part of the campaign would not start. Hence, a due care to be taken from client’s end to do the needful done in the stipulated time frame.


My Media Kart reserves the right to offer/not to offer schemes, discounts and promotional packages on the website. My Media Kart can change the rates at any time without informing the clients at its sole discretion.


The amount once paid would not be reimbursed if the order has been accepted by My Media Kart.

In case, the order is not accepted by My Media Kart, the amount would be reimbursed and would reflect in your wallet in the next 72 hours working time. The amount present in your wallet would be refunded back to your account within 10 working days of applying for the same. In case the spot doesn’t run for any reason on any particular channel, the same would run in the next 10 days or the equivalent amount would be transferred into your wallet within 10 working days.

An utmost care would be there in distributing the slots as per the time bands mentioned in the release order.But there could be a variation of around 8%-10% in distributing the slots as per the exact time band mentioned. If something of this sort happens, the equivalent amount would be refunded in the wallet in the next 10 working days.


My Media Kart doesn't give any guarantee regarding the particular position of the advertisement to be published on website or portal.


The Client undertakes and warrants that the booking commitments shall not be postponed or cancelled without the mutual consent of the parties. The campaign once booked cannot be stopped in between. My Media Kart shall not be bound by any notice to make any amendments in the advertisement given for publication. The plan once created and ordered can’t be edited or modified or cancelled. The only thing allowed is the change of the date. This has to be intimated minimum 10 days in advance.


If any ad is booked by the advertiser, then partner publication will be liable for publishing the required ad and adding the content into it. In the case of any discrepancy, the partner publication will bear all the loss for the same. My Media Kart shall not be responsible for it.


My Media Kart requests all users to keep the website an enjoyable experience for everyone. If users notice any violation of the terms & conditions of My Media Kart, then users are requested to contact us at info@mymediakart.com

If the customer is already registered with the particular Radio Station and has run some ads in the past with that station, only the already adhered rates (and not the website mentioned rates) would be applicable. Also, the campaign would be accepted by My Media Kart only after the respective Radio Station provides the NOC.