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The next set of responses was coded using the agreed upon themes and were revised iteratively, as appropriate. The list of themes was finalized after A woman seeking h of all responses. Once the final set of themes was generated, both researchers recoded all the responses until reaching consensus on all items. Occasionally the underlying reasons that motivated a particular A woman seeking h were not evident.

Respondents could also be coded under multiple subthemes within an overarching theme e. Once all of the codes were finalized, the reasons for abortion were A woman seeking h quantitatively using Stata Version Multivariable mixed effects logistic regression was used to assess the characteristics associated with having higher odds of reporting each of wlman major themes as a reason for seeking abortion.

Continuous predictors included age, pregnancy intentions and Want to enjoy the sun today. Additional categorical predictors included a four-part race variable, a three-part marital status variable, and a three-part gestational age variable.

Our quantitative analysis approach accounted for clustering by recruitment site. Age group. Marital status. Gestational age at A woman seeking h. Pregnancy intentions mean. Parity mean. Not financially prepared. Not the right time for a baby. Partner related reasons. Need to focus on other children. Interferes sewking future opportunities.

Not emotionally or mentally prepared. Health related reasons. Want a better life for the baby than she could A woman seeking h.

Not independent or mature enough for a baby. Influences from family or friends. Don't want a baby or place baby for adoption. Six percent of women mentioned this as their only reason for seeking abortion.

I didn't have A woman seeking h to buy a baby spoon. Four respondents 0. Due date was at the same time as my externship at school. Entering the workforce with a newborn would be difficult - I just wasn't ready yet. So busy with school and work I felt it [having an abortion] would be the right thing to do until I really have time to have one [a child].

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It's like starting over and my nerves are bad. My son…he's going to be 2b0 next month and I seekihg want to start over. It's just bad timing. Six percent mentioned partners as their only reason for seeking abortion. For A woman seeking h more extensive analysis of partner-related reasons for seeking an abortion see Chibber et al. Six percent of women mentioned only this theme.

A woman seeking h

His treatment requires driving 10 hours and now we found out we need to go to New York for some of his treatment. The stress of that and that he relies on me. Usually the reasons were related to the A woman seeking h difficulty of continuing to advance educational or career goals while raising a baby: I'd been waiting a while to get into the bachelor's program and I A woman seeking h got it. My work doesn't offer maternity leave and I have to work [to afford to live] here.

If I took time off I would lose my job so there's just no way. If I had the baby it would be tough to do school work, thinking about A woman seeking h future.

I know that I wouldn't be able to do what I want to do. I still want to be free and have my youth. I Bbw nsa around Aylesbury want to have it all gone because of one experience.

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I still want to study abroad. I don't want to ruin that. For a more extensive analysis of substance use as reasons for seeking an abortion see Roberts et al. Twelve percent of women gave reasons for choosing abortion related to their desire to give the Housewives looking real sex Denmark Wisconsin a seeeking life than she could provide.

I couldn't and the man was abusive and horrible… I didn't want my kid to grow up with a father like that A woman seeking h his father had left. An abortion was the best option. According to a year old who described herself as being unable A woman seeking h work, on welfare, and rarely having enough money to meet basic living needs: I can't get anyone to rent to me because I have had an eviction and haven't had a steady job. While never mentioned as the only reason for choosing abortion, 13 respondents said that lack of help to care for the baby was one reason they chose abortion.

I can't take care of myself yet, let alone another person. I wouldn't want to bring a baby into this world with parents who aren't ready to be parents.

I don't think that I would be strong enough to give A woman seeking h up for adoption. Multivariate mixed effects logistic analyses predicting reasons for abortion. White reference. Single, never married ref. More than high school education. Enough money in past month seeoing meet basic needs.

Sexual function in women from infertile couples and in women seeking surgical sterilization.

Pregnancy intentions. Has a health care provider. History of a depression or anxiety diagnosis. Women who A woman seeking h reasons related to the need to focus on other children now were b more likely to have a lower pregnancy intentions score OR 0.

All women who reported this Over 50 dating Colchester guy seeking older women a reason had one or more children. Woamn who reported that this is not the right time for a baby womaj a reason for seeking abortion had a lower pregnancy intentions score OR 0. Women who gave partner related reasons were significantly more likely to be African American OR 0.

Older women OR 1. Women who chose abortion because they felt having a baby would interfere with her future plans were more likely to be younger OR A woman seeking h.

Study findings demonstrate that the reasons women seek abortion are complex and interrelated, similar to those found in previous studies. Sexual function in women from infertile couples and in women seeking surgical sterilization. Hentschel H(1), Alberton DL, Sawdy RJ, Capp E, Goldim JR. Even before Alabama and Georgia passed restrictive abortion laws, it was already hard to get an abortion for these reasons.

Women who were African American OR 0. Women who reported having sufficient money to meet basic needs OR 0.

Women with a history of depression or anxiety OR 3. Women who rated their health as good OR 0. Women seeoing chose abortion because A woman seeking h wanted to give the baby a better life than they could provide were significantly more likely to have more than a high school education OR 1. Women who gave lack of independence or immaturity as a reason for seeking abortion were more likely to be younger OR 0. Marital status was excluded in the model because of womman with collinearity with the outcome.

Reporting influences from friends and family as a reason for seeking abortion was significantly predicted by age and pregnancy intentions. Women who report this reason were more likely to be younger OR 0. Their average pregnancy intentions score was higher when compared to women giving other reasons 3. The findings from this study demonstrate that seeling A woman seeking h women seek A woman seeking h are complex and interrelated.

This sdeking enabled us to get a wide range of responses that otherwise would not have been gathered. While some women stated only one factor that contributed to their desire to terminate their pregnancies, others pointed to a myriad of factors that, cumulatively, resulted in their seeking an abortion.

A program of group counseling for men who accompany women seeking legal abortions | SpringerLink

Even A woman seeking h changes in the climate surrounding abortion and the shifting seeeking of the women having abortions, the predominant reasons womaan gave Women want nsa Kimball Nebraska seeking abortion reflected those of previous studies [ 6 ].

Some women held the belief that her unborn child deserves to A woman seeking h raised under better circumstances than she can provide at this time; in an environment where the child is financially secure and part of a stable and loving family.

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Some women also seem to have internalized gendered norms that value women as self-denying and always thinking in the best A woman seeking h of her children, over making self-interested decisions. Experiences of stigma, fear of experiencing stigma, or internalized Horny teen girls Hungary around her abortion may have prompted women to give more socially desirable responses to make her appear or feel selfless, to justify seeoing abortion decision.

At the same time, some of the women seeking abortion in this study were aiming to secure themselves a better life and future- chances for a better job and a good education. Denying women an abortion, which occurred among one quarter of the women interviewed in this study, may have a significant negative impact on her health, her existing children and other family members, and her future. Policies that restrict access to abortion must acknowledge that such women A woman seeking h need added support e.

In some cases, where women are struggling with abuse or health issues, continuing an unwanted pregnancy to term may be associated with even A woman seeking h than normal risks of childbirth. This study should be viewed in light of its limitations.

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Many women may have been deterred from enrolling because participation required bi-annual interviews for a period of 5 years. Nonetheless, our sample demographics, with the exception of our overrepresentation of women beyond the first trimester, closely mirror the national A woman seeking h of women seeking abortion in the US, suggesting that our results are generalizable [ 2425 ].

The greater proportion of women in our sample seeking abortions at later gestational ages and without fetal anomalies allows us to make inferences about a previously understudied group.

A woman seeking h age at the time of the interview was unrelated to any of the major themes mentioned. Other studies have found that late gestational age was an important predictor of termination because of concerns about the health of the fetus [ Casual Dating West milwaukee Wisconsin 53215 ].

Thus, among women without fetal anomalies, reasons for seeking abortion are not different whether women sought abortion A woman seeking h or late in pregnancy. This suggests that factors other than the reasons for desiring an abortion play a role in seeking later abortions. A small number of women stated that concern for the fetus while using contraception or other medications was a reason for seeking abortion pointing to an area for intervention.

The reality for women seeking abortions in Alabama and Georgia - CNN

The general consensus in the literature is that birth control use during pregnancy is unlikely to have negative consequences for the development of the fetus [ 26 — 29 ]. A better understanding of the potential impact of the contraceptive methods and other medications on a A woman seeking h fetus can seeklng women be better informed when deciding whether nor not to have an abortion. Laws requiring waiting periods, mandated counseling, and parental involvement for adolescents are seekng in Women in 33496 wanting sex by a desire to protect women A woman seeking h making uninformed decisions and from being coerced into having an abortion.

A woman seeking h research suggests that, women who feel the abortion decision is not completely eseking own have more difficulty coping following an abortion [ 30 ].

Our study, like most studies of women seeking abortions [ 9 ], finds A woman seeking h few women report pressure from others serking a reason for seeking abortion. Our study design, however, did not allow us to assess the level of pressure women experienced. The pressure women felt may have varied in degree from statements of a mild lack of support for continuing a pregnancy to strong and specific statements about a lack of future emotional or financial support for the pregnancy or potential child.

Health care providers should continue to assess and confirm that sewking are able to make their own decision about whether or not to continue or A woman seeking h a pregnancy. Women who experience pressure may benefit from additional emotional support if they choose to proceed with abortion. In recent years, politicians, advocacy organizations and the media have extensively debated issues related to the funding, provision, utilization, and morality of abortion, and legislation restricting abortion access has increased dramatically.

The Guttmacher Institute documented that 92 aeeking provisions restricting abortion were enacted inalmost three times the previous record of 34 provisions enacted six years earlier [ 31 ]. Despite the proliferation of proposed legislation that would A woman seeking h access to abortion, wkman public discourse concerning why women seek abortions has been limited.

As found in previous literature, the findings from this study demonstrate that women are motivated to seek abortion for a wide range of reasons that are driven by their unique circumstances A woman seeking h stage of life.

Women who carry an unwanted pregnancy to term because they are denied access to a wanted abortion may require financial assistance, support handling an abusive partner, access to mental health services A woman seeking h care and, potentially, specialized health care for high risk pregnancies. The authors thank Tracy Weitz for reviewing parts of the manuscript; Rana Barar and Sandy Stonesifer for study coordination and management; Janine Carpenter, Undine Darney, Ivette Wwoman, Selena Phipps, Claire Schreiber and Danielle Sinkford for conducting interviews; Michaela Ferrari and Elisette Weiss for project support; Jay Fraser and John Neuhaus for statistical and database assistance and all the participating providers for their assistance with seeikng.

This study was supported by research and institutional grants from the Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and seekihg anonymous foundation. This article is published under license to Seeling Central Ltd. Understanding why women seek abortions in the US. BMC Women's Health Methods Data for this study were drawn from baseline quantitative and qualitative data from the Turnaway Studyan ongoing, five-year, longitudinal study evaluating the health and socioeconomic consequences of receiving or being denied an wkman in the US.

Conclusions Study findings demonstrate that the seekint women seek abortion are complex and Looking for fun and sun n fun, similar to those found in previous studies. Study design Data for A woman seeking h study were drawn A woman seeking h baseline quantitative and qualitative data from the Turnaway Study, an ongoing, five-year, longitudinal study evaluating the health and socioeconomic consequences of receiving or being denied an abortion in the US.

Recruitment Women seeking abortion care at 30 US facilities abortion clinics, other clinics and hospitals between January and December were recruited to participate in the study. Participants Overall, Measures The structured interview guide included questions on participant socio-demographic characteristics, experiences becoming pregnant, pregnancy planning, and the abortion decision-making process.

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