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Sign up for the morning newsletter here. So, to test whether public opinion had actually changed over the last month, we ran our own national opinion surveys and found Let s explore more together nsa, like last fall, about 56 percent of Americans approve of the government collecting their data to investigate terrorism.

Perhaps more importantly, Americans think the government is collecting the actual content of email and tovether calls, and approval of the Slut wife Grange-over-Sands slightly increased in the last month. You can view the methodology and wording here.

Fortunately, Google Survey also gives us an idea of why people answer Lft way they do. A few responses:.

About the NSA specifically, a slight majority 54 percent favored the current dragnet program.

Some of the justifications:. A more balanced framing would have qualified that the data are unlikely to be read which is true.

In this next graph, we see that the public thinks the government is lying about Let s explore more together nsa much data they actually collect, since 63 percent apparently believe the government is recording phone calls and collecting the content of emails the NSA denies this. Now, some critics have pointed to a graph showing that for the first time on record, more Americans think the government has gone too far in restricting civil liberties.

So we can exhibit all the outrage we want, but critics are in the minority. I suspect Americans would want more transparency in the process, and that will be the subject of future CrunchGov polls.

Until then, we need to be honest about what the American public actually believes. More Transparency [ Washington Post ]. With such technology, the bureau can remotely activate the microphones in phones running Google Inc.

It can do the same to microphones in laptops without the user knowing, the person said. Google declined to comment.

Bastards fuck off. Extreme Political or Religious conflicts resolve by War. Extreme Scientific conflicts resolve by a search for better data.

A few responses: Some of the justifications: The Essential: